April Allison


Vocalist and Pianist

 April  is an accomplished musician and vocalist in addition to being a mom and  experienced entrepreneur who owns two successful businesses. She says she “has music in her soul” and when you hear her sing, you know that she does! She is well known for her rich, beautiful tone and expressive soulful style.
April is a native Californian who has been singing, performing and studying  music since the age of 10. She sang consistently throughout her school  years while taking piano and vocal lessons to consistently perfect her  craft.  Singing was the one thing she was ALWAYS good at!   In college,  she toured throughout Europe and Hawaii with the esteemed Citrus College Singers, specializing in both classical and popular music.Currently, April is a featured soloist for the South Coast Singers,  and also sings with a jazz quartet (similar to the Manhattan  Transfer).  Over the years, she developed a love for jazz and tight  harmonies that require a high level of musicianship, skill and  discipline.  She holds herself to high standards and enjoys the learning  and discovery that comes from working on difficult, complicated pieces.April  has been active in many musical theater and choral groups, but loves  the freedom she has found with Grand Daddy Jack.  Singing and performing  with this amazing group of talented musicians allows her to share her  favorite songs with the freedom,  authenticity and joy that comes from  really good music! 


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