Mr. Joseph Turner



Joe Turner is the percussionist for Grand Daddy Jack.  He is proficient in Drums, Guitar and Piano.

Joe's first memories of  music definitely revolve around drumming. When Joe was in 1st grade, his  mom was called in to the school to talk to his teacher.  She was  concerned because Joe was constantly banging on the desk and humming  during class.  She said "I think he hears music in his head". To which  his mother responded "Don't You". 

Before  he got his first drum-set, Joe could be found running around the house  banging on anything and everything with a pair of chopsticks. 

The majority of Joe's  pre-college years were spent between Marching Band, Symphonic Band, and  after school rock bands.  He continued on a similar path at Michigan  State University.  Joe graduated from college in 2004 and moved out to  California in 2007 to officially pursue a career in music. 

In his recent years, Joe  appreciates pulling influences from all types of music.  It has made him  a far more well-rounded drummer and asset to his current projects.  In  the early years, his main influences came from drum corps, grunge, and  prog rock.  Although, he attributes his very first drumming influence to  Roger Taylor of Queen.  He was drawn to his drumming, high harmonies,  and wrist sweat bands.  Fitting, as this is a similar role that Joe  plays in most of his projects.  Joe's influences since then have been  Matt Cameron (Soundgarden, Pearl Jam), Neil Peart (Rush), Danny Carey  (Tool), and Jojo Mayer (Nerve). To name a few. 

Joe's future goals are to  be a full time and touring musician.  On top of performing, Joe  currently teaches drum lessons.  Although, he finds great fulfillment in  this and plans on continuing this, his goal is to be a full time  professional musician.  He recently returned from Germany with one of  his projects and hopes to be back out on the road soon and more often. 

Granddaddy Jack  is a release for Joe.  It fills a hole that currently was not being  filled by his current projects.  It's a completely different style than  what he is currently playing and brings him back to time when he was  playing this style more frequently.  It also creates a very nice  challenge for Joe on many levels.  Joe couldn't be happier with the  group and is thankful that he is able to be a part of it.   


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