Mr. Nathan Fulmizi


Tenor and Bass Trombone

Mr. Nathan Fulmizi plays tenor and bass trombone.  Although he has grown proficient in a couple other instruments, trombone is the instrument he pursues on a professional level. 

Nathan first got into music at a very young age taking piano lessons from his grandmother from age 6-11 years old.  At age 12 he was old enough to learn a brass or woodwind instrument. His  grandfather demonstrated the flute, clarinet, trumpet, and trombone, and  the trombone hooked him right away because he was fascinated with the slide. Nathan continued playing trombone through middle school, high school, and college.

He studied music education and bass trombone performance at Orange Coast College and plans to continue education at Cal State Long Beach sometime in the future. Nathan is currently a band director in the Huntington Beach school district teaching elementary band, working as a free lance musician, and also  working as a private music instructor. His main influence is his family. Nathan comes from a large family of musicians who have driven and encouraged him to be the best musician possible, and to appreciate all types of music.  The two main types of music he plays are jazz and classical, but Nathan also loves R and B, funk, pop, rock, and latin jazz. His top five musical influences are Lenard Bernstein, Aaron Copeland, George Roberts, Stevie Wonder, and J.J  Johnson.


Nathan is currently pursuing an Bachelor's degree music education.  He plans to get a Masters degree and PHD in bass trombone performance.  As a music educator Nathan hopes to teach at a Cal State or UC as a low brass instructor.  He also loves working with kids, and is also considering a teaching career in K-12 basic music. He is also currently working on a long standing free lance career in the greater Las Angeles area, performing versatile styles of music and playing on movie soundtracks and working in pit orchestras. 

Nathan is looking forward to performing in children's ministry playing songs that he composes for kids, telling them about the gospel.


In Nathan's own words:

"Grand Daddy Jack is a great group of musicians that enjoy the gift of music and have fun! This band is an outlet to get together with a great group of people which personally gives me the opportunity to grow as a musician and play some really fun music with great people too! "


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