Mr. Rick Bagby

Mr. Rick Bagby, Composer, Pianist, Vocalist.


Mr. Bagby is an extremely talented musician.  He plays Piano/Keyboard, Guitars and Drums.  He is also a talented composer and vocalist.


Rick began playing accordion at age 7.  He studied at El Camino College, and has many years of live performing experience and leads many performances on a weekly basis with local musicians including a LIVE Beatles Tribute, full performances of the incredible music of Sir Elton John and Billy Joel.


Rick's major musical influences include Hank Williams, Elvis, The Beatles, Sir Elton John and Billy Joel.

Future Goals

It's clear that Rick's future will be filled with music and live performances.  The Grand Daddy Jack band looks forward to many years of success with Mr. Bagby.

In Mr. Rick Bagby's own words:

"Grand Daddy Jack is a group of dedicated musicians and singers who all share a passion for this project. We are committed to sharing our talents to build the very best musical entertainment  experience for ourselves and our audiences."