Mr. Tim Cason


Composer, Bass Guitarist and Vocalist


Mr. Timothy Cason is an experienced bassist and  guitarist currently performing with multiple bands around Southern  California.  The jazz band Grand Daddy Jack has been a long-time dream  of Mr. Cason.  His musical background includes many different styles and genres, starting with Folk Music he performed in his local church as a  teenager.  He continued to perform and compose music throughout his high-school years and led the school's church music program, teaching  other students about guitar and bass.  He continued his education at  Auburn University where he studied music theory independently in his  spare time.  He also continued teaching bass guitar at a local music store.  He joined the local rock band Steel Fury who  attained a recording contract with New Renaissance Records in Burbank  California.  After traveling to California and recording the LP "Lesser  of Two Evils" with Steel Fury, Tim was approached by the band Attaxe and  offered a position as lead singer and bassist.  He accepted the  position and performed on stages throughout California for several  years.  He also joined the band Aversion as bassist and began recording  with Restless Records in Hollywood California. 

During  this time Tim also continued his education at Cerritos College and  Southern California Institute of Technology where he acquired a degree  in Electronics Engineering.  Mr. Cason began working for Roland Audio  Development producing prototype amplifiers for studio applications, and  eventually opened a very successful business repairing electronics.  His  Grandfather, "Grand Daddy Jack" was an investor in the initial startup  of the business.  Tim stopped performing and focused on his repair  business.

In 2002 Tim returned to the stage  with the band Cripple Need Cane as bassist, composer and backing  vocalist.  He produced and mastered the band's First EP.

Tim  is currently leading the band Grand Daddy Jack with the help of all of  the band's extremely talented members.  His goal is to use the many  years of experience performing, composing, producing and managing bands  to take Grand Daddy Jack to the next level and perform live on Late Night TV, create music scores for full length feature films and  television, create music for online sale and distribution and to travel  the globe performing hit songs.

Other Projects:

Tim is also currently performing with the bands Cold Shot (Bass guitar and Vocals), The Who Experience, WhosNext (Lead Guitar and Vocals) and Infidel (Bass Guitar, Pedal Synth and Vocals).  He is also working with the EXTREMELY talented Mr. Emad Alaeddin at Granted Records in Santa Ana California producing and developing local talent.


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